TOTW: 5 More New Players!


Today, EA introduced 5 new players as part of the the Team of the Week (TOTW) Promo, which features players with the best stats from the previous NBA week:

  • 91 Jimmy Butler (SF) (Available exclusively in packs and bundles)
  • 88 Lance Stephenson (SG)
  • 85 Ricky Rubio (PG)
  • 82 Steven Adams (C)
  • 79 Jared Dudley (PF)

New players can be found in packs and bundles or by completing the TOTW set:

  • TOTW Elite Player - Turn in 20 TOTW Gold Players to earn a TOTW Elite Player

If you plan on purchasing packs, the following TOTW packs are available:

  • TOTW Pack: This pack contains 2 Gold+ TOTW Player with a chance at 91 OVR Jimmy Butler, 2 Gold+ Players  and 3 Silver+ Items. Cost is 500 NBA Cash or 50,000 Rep. each (No Limit).
  • TOTW Bundle w/ Guaranteed Elite TOTW Player (10x): This bundle contains 10 TOTW Packs and a topper of 1 Elite TOTW Player.  Cost is 5000 NBA Cash each (No Limit).

Will you be adding any of today's new TOTW Players to your lineup?


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