TOTW - 7 New Players Added


Today, EA introduced 7 new players as part of the the Team of the Week (TOTW) Promo, which features players with the best stats from the previous NBA week:

  • 88 Kristaps Porzingis (PF)
  • 87 Bradley Beal - TOTW Set Hero (SG)
  • 84 Dwayne Wade (SG)
  • 83 D'Angelo Russell (PG)
  • 79 Brook Lopez (C)
  • 76 Dennis Smith, Jr. (PG)
  • 73 Josh Jackson (SF)

New players can be found in packs or by completing TOTW sets:

  • TOTW Gold Player - Turn in 20 TOTW Tokens to earn a TOTW Gold Player.
  • TOTW Elite Player - Turn in 20 TOTW Gold Players to earn a TOTW Elite Player
  • TOTW Hero - Turn in 10 TOTW Elite Players to earn the TOTW Hero

Tokens can be earned through Live Events and also found in Packs.



If you plan on purchasing packs, the following TOTW packs are available:

  • TOTW Pack: This pack contains 1 Gold+ TOTW Player and 5 TOTW Tokens. Cost is 150 NBA Cash each (No Limit) or 15,000 Rep each (Limit of Two).
  • Deluxe TOTW Pack: This pack contains 4 Gold+ TOTW Players and 5 TOTW Tokens. Cost is 500 NBA Cash each (No Limit) or 50,000 Rep each (Limit of 1).
  • Elite TOTW Booster Pack: This pack contains 1 Elite TOTW Player and 5 Silver+ Training Tokens. Cost is 1000 NBA Cash each (Limit of One).
  • Deluxe TOTW Bundle: This pack contains 4 Deluxe TOTW Packs and a topper of 1 Deluxe TOTW Pack. Cost is 2000 NBA Cash each (Limit of Two).
  • Deluxe TOTW Bundle w/ Guaranteed Elite TOTW Player: This bundle contains 10 Deluxe TOTW Packs and a topper of 1 Elite TOTW Player.  Cost is 5000 NBA Cash each (Limit of Two).

Will you be adding any of today's new TOTW Players to your lineup?


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