Welcome to the NBALive Game Guide!


Welcome to the first edition of the NBALive Game Guide!  Our intent is to bring you content that will help you get your team and your game to the next level.  We will be covering promos, game play, insider tips and tricks, ways to improve your game, and much more!


Our first edition is brought to you by 4katosh.  Today Josh will be covering how coaches can impact your team and your play style.  Coaches are new this year, and many of you have asked for more information on how the program works.


Have a topic you'd like to see covered here?  Just drop us a note, and we'll do our best to see if we can cover it in a future edition.  We hope you enjoy the new feature here on NBALive.GG, and we look forward to bringing you lots of new episodes in the future.



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