Celebrating Paul Pierce's Retirement

You can take a trip down memory lane in this special 19-challenge event as you celebrate Paul Pierce's 19-year career with the Celtics in light of his retirement in 2017.


Completing this 19 game challenge GUARANTEES one the following items:


  • 99 OVR Paul Pierce (Big-Man Lineup; SF) commemorates his 1st and only NBA Championship
  • 98 OVR Paul Pierce (Two-Way Lineup; SF) looks back at 2010 for being the one who led his team in Points Per Game
  • 97 OVR Paul Pierce (Shooting Lineup; SG) recognizes 2002 for his 1st All-Star year

The Career Tribute Pack is also up for grabs for those that want to collect all three.  Packs cost 10,000 NBA Cash, and you can buy a maximum of 3 packs.


Will you be adding one of the new Paul Pierce cards to your team?


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