Summer Courts: The Final Boss, 99 Dr. J


Today EA release the Venice Beach Gauntlet event.  To earn 99 Julius Irving, you must have all 4 Dr. J tokens and use your 99 OVR Summer Court Bosses to take on the great Dr. J and win the Gauntlet!




You can collect the four new 99 OVR Court Bosses by completing the Gauntlet live events, which will then unlock Dr. J's Final Boss event, and allow you to defeat him.


Don't have the Gauntlet Training live events unlocked yet?  You can complete Dr. J's Gauntlet set located in the Summer Bosses tab.  Catch up to Dr. J by upgrading the following bosses:


  • Jason Williams with Chicago Court Collectibles earned from live events and the Store
  • Bernard King with Summer Cred earned from live events, objectives, packs, and other activities
  • Vince Carter with Summer Court Gold, Elite, and Venice Beach Players that can be earned from completing Sets and the store
  • Shawn Kemp with Seattle Court collectibles that can be earned from Head to Head and the Store

EA released Dr. J's Gauntlet Packs, which contain 1 GUARANTEED Summer Courts Elite Player with a CHANCE at one 91+ OVR Court Elite Player, and 4 Gold or Elite Players.  Packs cost 2000 NBALive Cash, and you can purchase as many as you'd like.


Also released is a new Dr. J Gauntlet Bundle that guarantees one Court Elite Player as the topper, and 5 Dr. J Gauntlet Packs.  Bundles cost 10,000 NBALive Cash, and you can purchase a maximum of 2.


Do you have what it takes to complete the Gauntlet and beat Dr. J?


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