Summer Courts: Chicago Legend Derrick Rose


Today EA released a new 99 OVR Chicago Legend Derrick Rose in NBA LIVE Mobile. Derrick Rose can be found in Summer Courts Legend Packs or can be unlocked by completing his set. The Derrick Rose Legend set require 5 elite Chicago players and 5 elite Summer Courts players.


If you plan on purchasing packs from the store, there is a new Summer Court Legend pack. This pack costs 1,000 NBA Cash and contains 1 Legend collectible or a 99 OVR Summer Courts Legend Derrick Rose, 3 Summer Courts gold or elite players and 3 bronze or better items. 


There are two types of bundles you can purchase as well:


  • Summer Courts Legend Bundle (5x): You can buy this bundle once and it will cost you 5,000 NBA Cash. This bundle features 5 Summer Courts Legend Packs and a topper of 1 elite Summer Courts player with a CHANCE at one 91+ OVR Chicago Court elite player.
  • Summer Courts Legend Bundle (10x): You can buy this bundle up to 2 times and each bundle costs 10,000 NBA Cash. This bundle features 10 Summer Courts Legend packs and a topper of one 91+ OVR Chicago Court Elite player. 

Will you be adding Legend Derrick Rose to your lineup?


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