Summer Courts: Chicago Boss Jason Williams


Today EA released the new 97 OVR Chicago Boss Jason Williams (aka White Chocolate) in NBA LIVE Mobile. In order to unlock the live event that gives you the Level 1 80 OVR Chicago Boss Jason Williams, you will need to have completed up to the Level 4 Brooklyn Boss Bernard King set. 


To complete Jason Williams you will need to collect 1000 Chicago Court collectibles, the Level 5 Chicago Boss and 4 Chicago elite players. Once you complete the set, you will receive a Level 6 Jason Williams and 1 Gauntlet Token needed to unlock the Dr. J live event. 


If you need more information on how the Summer Courts program works, check out this news post. Here are all of today's new player items:


Here is a full list of today's new Chicago players and Chicago boss:

Elite Chicago Players:

Chicago Boss:

To get you started on your journey to complete Jason Williams, there are two new specific Booster packs in the NBA Store.


  • Chicago Court Elite Booster Pack: You can purchase this pack once and it will cost you 1,000 NBA Cash. This pack contains 1 guaranteed 91+ OVR Chicago Court elite player. 
  • Chicago Collectible Booster Pack: You can purchase this pack as many times as you want for 250 NBA Cash. This pack contains 40 Chicago collectibles that can be used in the Chicago Boss set.

Will you be adding any of today's Chicago players or Jason Williams to your lineup? 


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