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  • posted a message on Platinum Ray Allen or JJ Redick

    I have Ray on one team and Redick on another... there is very little difference between them on manual play. Neither is overly stout defensively, both rebound about the same rate.  They both are almost identical when it comes to hitting 3's and both make Harden look like a high schooler trying to play defense.  If I had to give an edge to one I would give a slight edge to Redick because he is much cheaper to upgrade.

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  • posted a message on Who should I add?

    I sold my 91 Simmons to better my overall team.  I have 17 million ntow to spend.  Who should I go after?  Have plenty of players to upgrade my Simmons to 99 as well as my Dirk.  Likely will do that.  Royalty Lebron needs like 120k more to upgrade to 99...  I almost have 93 Mcgrady completedUuujyh y to replace Peja.  





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  • posted a message on The Safest Way Possible

    Promo won't matter in 4-6 weeks,  They will have higher overall players leaving whatever players you get as nothing but a waste of time.  Just selling everything for coins.  Should be able to get 1-2 platinum players from the auction house..  

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  • posted a message on The way I see this promo


    Quote from mochee2605 >>

    The effort and grind you need to get 93-98 players is just absurd considering the actual worth of the cards.

    Right now the cheapest DS players are at 230k, so considering you need 2 to get an 88 Kyrie for instance, you'd be spending 460k for him. Now I know you can get the 86 DS players for free through grinding, but here's the thing. Selling those DS players, getting the 460k back and getting like 87 Murray and max him up would be not only cheaper, but he'd be miles better than Kyrie. As for the 93 Kyrie, Im pretty sure that 94 playoff Simmons would be as expensive to get. The same can be said with Westbrook, there's just better cards out there for cheaper (including the opportunity cost for the DS players you get from grinding). I think 88 and 93 Kawhi are the best value for money because he'd be really all around and I don't feel like there are that many cards that would be better than him for less than a million, so that's who I'm going for.

    Let me know if I'm missing anything obvious of if you disagree

     94 Playoff Lebron can be had for less than 1 million and since he is trainable is a better option than 93 Kawhi.  I think it's either go for a 98 or just sell everything for cash.  93 Kawhi would be dominated in showdown by people whom have Royalty Lebron.  93 just won't cut it for anyone actually wanting to play high level showdown. If your overall is low then I would go after multiple 93's to boost your overall rather than a single 98...
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  • posted a message on 98 POTM Simmons

    Will POTM Simmons fill into my regular or classic lineup?  Regardless Simmons is currently my 4th choice when I play showdown to shoot the ball.  Got great shooters at SG, SF and PF and Imuse them to take nearly all my shots.  I'll give Ben a shot if he's wide open every few games, but pretty happy using him for defensive purposes.  His size neutralizes nearly every single opponent , I get lots of steals with him and lots of blocked shots.  Never completed POTM before, but for how I play picking him up is a no brainer!

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