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  • posted a message on 200 points in one League Game

    Today we played against FUTURE WORLD CHAMPS: HIGH CLASS! and player aking3000 (88 OVR LVL 34) had scored  200+ points in one game.


    As I'm reading the forum it seems to be a known bug


    This is destroying the game :(


    200+ points

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  • posted a message on Claiming items tedious

    I feel I'm really wasting a lot of time collecting and claiming hundreds of various packs to ultimately build players, instead of actually playing the game.


    The whole ceremony around adding items and then building one by one is exciting if I'm building a new elite player, but for small items like claiming Easter egg tokes, or building mobile madness brackets is extremely tedious... 


    EA, can you help us spending time playing the game, instead of repetitive (thousands...) clicks in the Sets menu to build one elite player. 



    E.g adding 'Claim All' feature would be useful

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  • posted a message on Delete me pls


     delete pls

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  • posted a message on New LvL Screen feedback



    This is attempt to feedback on the new League screen user experience



    • See points difference 


    • Scrolling see all members (see pic attached). The new 'bigger' layout is worse, does not fit into my phone screen (same goes for new menu scrolling)
    • Can't see points (see pic attached)

    LvL Matchup screen


    It's less user friendly than before. I don't know if this works for tablets, but I don't see how this is a better layout for phones than what we had. 


    Note the ton of space wasted on the sides, you guys can do a better job than this.




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  • posted a message on Elite Birds recruiting

    Ok got 3 members, need just one more 


    so far it's


    lvl 23 85

    lvl 26 81

    lvl 36 85


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  • posted a message on Elite Birds recruiting

    Let's go people, be part of building a strong team, we are friendly, dedicated players and working our way through the ladder.


    We don't have high expectations, taking it easy

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  • posted a message on Elite Birds recruiting



    Elite Birds


    We are relatively new League, record of 5-3, we had members that were not participating at all and just getting bonuses so we kicked them out, please join our league and let's get some wins :)


    We play daily so plenty of opportunities to play L vs L.


    20+ LVL

    5000+ fans


    Looking forward to welcome you,


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