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  • posted a message on How many coins have you gained/lost recently for Legacy Lineups? [POLL]
    Quote from TheUncleDrew >>

    so confused how you guys have so many coins...I play this game a lot.  Any more and it would interfere with life.  Yet I have never had more than 3 million coins and only have a couple 99 players (Finley and Davis).  How do people have millions.  I wish I have like 5 mil more coins and I'd be set for the legacy but can't seem to gain any ground.  Everything gets sniped and there's not much money to be made off the summer sets.  Dang...

     simple, theres a website where they buy coins, but to cover it they will tell you they "snipe" players or have "had luck" 
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  • posted a message on Detlef Schrempf

    he has been nerfed and shouldnt cost more than Klay 96

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  • posted a message on Is Okafor the best SB Centre
    Quote from JavaleMcgee1 >>

    In overall skills, it might be.


    But I had him for 2 days and disliked the positioning and defensive effort he gives to the team. I rather have a more defensive and "positional warrior" in the rebounds for the C SB position.


    Testing Hassan now, but wanted to try Tim Duncan, he looks great but still too expensive.


    The best in my opinion is Ben Wallace, but the price is way to high for me.

     Boss drummond is the best by far
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  • posted a message on Idea About Cards Before the Reset

    the reset might just mean new programs and get rif of stuff like mvp awards, titlehokders, campus heroes, master melo and all those, i dont think they'll get rid of current players/coins

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  • posted a message on Help with 97 Bernard King 3 shooting
    Quote from why03 >>

    yeah...bernard king is not a good 3pt shooter, and I think it's all about the hidden stats. he only has 73 outside shooting likelihood.

     outise shooting likelihood its just a stat for ai, and even king 99 is a disappointment for 3's btw
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  • posted a message on new card concept for the game after reset .

    very nice but the reset might not be happening

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  • posted a message on Dr. J +10 boosts & In The Paint with 30s charge time

    now is better to have Lin than Crawford (for those who thought Dr J would have clutch)

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  • posted a message on What's Dr. J's new boosts?

    finally its gonna make Penny a decent 3 point shooter lol

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  • posted a message on Sincere message for EA :)
    Quote from krishishere >>

    My uncle works for EA and told me this and I have to agree with him: it's a free game. EA ain't gonna spend too much time on a game they don't make as much money on. And yet the game is still unbelievably good

    be grateful

     i disagree with you because they do make a lot of money and theres plenty of players who spend money in the game, i know most of us never have and never will but ive been in leagues with guys who give contributions like all the time or ready posts about some users spending hundreds/thousands (which i think is ridiculous) which simply makes EA greedy
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  • posted a message on Sincere message for EA :)
    Quote from Irate242 >>

    Before the reset happens, I would like to get a few things off my chest.....


    •For all the wide open, dead in the green bricks....

    •For all the countless offensive rebounds that the AI gets until it scores, no matter how many rebounds it takes.....

    •For all the 90+ rated defenders that dont play an ounce of defense....

    •For all the 93+ rated 3point shooters that cant hit the wide side of a barn.....

    •For all the highly rated rebounder cards that just stand up and watch the AI grab boards.....

    •For all the money i spent to build or buy 96-99 rated cards, that just turn out to be brick layers and masons......

    •For all the packs I bought that claimed to have a "chance" but there was no chance in hell......

    •For all the duplicate collectibles in the ruler, award winners and supremacy events.....

    •For all the big moments duplicate players i got...

    •For all the gold and silver cards that play better than my elite cards.....

    •For all the steals i made in gameplay that the opponent picks up before i can even move....

    •For all those out of bound saves that went straight into the opponents hands....

    •For all the "contested" shots that the AI makes with ease but none of my players can.....

    •For that flying pump layup that the AI does to go around my defender......

    •For making that Clyde Drexler card next impossible to get......

    •For the foul call (that only the AI gets) on the buzzer that costs the game.....

    •For all the backcourt passes that were meant for the player on fastbreak.....

    •For all the wide open lane scores... unopposed by any member of my team ...

    •For all the money grabbing and greed.....

    •For the horrible gameplay controls and inconsistency.......


    For all of these things...I would like to say to you EA......thank u very much

    If anyone else has anything to add... feel free 




    yoU couldnt had said it better
    youre the real MVP 
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  • posted a message on Why you should be very careful for who you choose as a center
    Quote from DoctorRockFern >>

    TLDR: Some centers will absolutely waste possessions on AI with miracle shot attempts and ball handling. Make sure you get an athletic center who has good shooting stats. Even if it's a lower overall than you intend.


    This is probably well known and obvious, but I want to go over this analysis to help others. (I play a lot of head to head and pretty much play the same players every day)


    Be very, very, cautious when building or buying that top notch center. make sure you see plenty of AI in LvL and H2H before pulling the trigger. Why? you may ask. various reasons. 


    -Some will take mid-range fadeaways way too early in a possession that have a 1% chance of going in. giving the user an extra attempt for points.


    -Some will take unnecessary threes on you (and in rare cases, make the three) but most of the time will be a brick. 


    -In the paint ability, Keep this in mind when getting a card with this ability. They are programmed to hit the basket, however, due to the low dribbling stats, it may or may not be a wasted possession. 


    Now, I'm not judging anyone who get these certain cards, go for it, but these are the specific players who fit these categories. Note: They aren't bad or "garbage"


    Bill Russell (especially two way) Andre Drummond, Hassan Whiteside, Shaquille O'Neal. Rudy Gobert 


    While they're defensive beasts, there will be cases where your scorers won't get the ball at all in some possessions. It can really impact a quarter or LvL drive. 



     im not being funny or anything but the best you cand do is dont worry about ai and just care about what you can do with your players
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  • posted a message on Annoying user in H2H by the name of cavalier

    i dont understand anyone who declines matches, what kind of a lame excuse is "the margin is too high" thats why you'll never learn to play properly

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  • posted a message on Why a lot of people are Selling their whole bench? The End is Near perhaps?
    Quote from jhgarcia >>
    Quote from AbdoTarek >>

    Why  i would keep cards that i dont play with any way !

     Bro read first they are selling their whole bench. 
     who even has a bench? theres absolutely no point, first it means you have coins in the bench, second, what would make you swap between players? complete nonsense
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  • posted a message on Goaltending in this game is crazy

    just get a tall C and wait by the hoop and block the shot every time lol, EA really need to fix goaltending, defensive 3 second, backcourt violation, make the game more fair, end lvl tournaments once all players have finished their quarters, anything else?

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  • posted a message on Summer cred hidden rewards???

    lol how do you get a million? do you have a life (or something better to spend your money/time on? clearly not

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