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  • posted a message on 96 Showdown Lebron

    Due to his stats, i think it's a pretty good card for around 1.8 mill. However i need to raise some money to get him. I might have to sell Beal for 650k, Butler for 650k and probably Totw Kuzma for 850k. In SG i have a 92 Brown as a reserve but in SF for butler im totally lost as i currently only have the 90 paul george. PF is gonna be that 96 LBJ. Center and PG is Embiid and Kyrie DS 93 rated. Worth the move?

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  • posted a message on 96 James Harden Gameplay Master

    Im currently on 42/49 tokens needed. im pretty sure by next week ill be able to get the other 2 which means i need 5 more tokens to complete it. Live events of nba lineup, classic, 88 ovr classic, showdown 1000 wins and i forgot a few thousand points in league. The game should be around for another 4-5 months. with the reality given, is there anyway to grind the token as effective as possible. And if it was hard for me to get the last  2 per say, did they open the remaining token to be bought by nba cash like they normally do with other sets?

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  • posted a message on This game!

    Yep I feel that way too. Im a 91 ovr and yet i was put to play against a 96 ovr which has 4 plat cards and 1 royalty lebron. i mean i did my part winning 15-7 which i considered pretty good. Yet the other guy won by 17-8. By 1 point margin against a 96 ovr team i lost 1,8k fans. Beautiful. And yep what sucks is that showdown always get reset after 2 weeks

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  • posted a message on Reality of DS Players

    I finally get the 93 Irving and decided to get one cause i'm interested in seeing the gameplay. Truth is, it's not even worth the time and energy. My irving with boosts should be able to hit like almost every 3 pt cause he has 96 3 pt and 96 midrange. However in showdown he's missed like more than half when playing against better ovr teams. I would even take my 92 paul back. In season he's legit like can make 90 percent from three but even my beal scored 13/13 yesterday in season. Its a crap card to be honest. However excited to see embiid cause sometimes players released later in the event is better

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  • posted a message on DS Embiid

    I should be able to claim my 93 irving today and im a little bit confused on which player to complete next. I like kawhi but since my PG added midrange stats its actually a dilemma and im hoping to cope the 95 royalty lebron as well. So probably embiid since i don't care about classic lineup and from what i see embiids cards are always good. Do you guys have any idea on when the cards will be released and what are his stats? Also how can you check like secondary stats for players. As far as i know it's only as far as clicking the 'view more' icon on the card. Idk if there's any other way

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  • posted a message on 93 DS Players

    So im wondering if the 93 rated players are actually worth the time and money or not since now im at 91 ovr. I have an exam coming from 21 May to 30 May which means i wont be able to play as much so forget about the 98 plats. Im one 86 away from getting a 93 irving and also want to get 93 kawhi just in case my royalty lebron won't fall. I think that's possible probably at the end of the day i need to grind 2-3 86 elites from the AH but its not big deal considering the price has dropped now to 200k. 


    Are they good players or just seem good? If i dont get them i might as well sell the 86s in the AH in return for some money. 


    My Lineup As of date

    92 CP3 

    94 Beal

    91 PG

    93 Kuzma

    89 Turner



    90 Murray

    92 Jaylen Brown

    88 Durant

    89 Love

    87 Towns

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  • posted a message on Royalty LeBron

    U know actually if you have a SF with a higher overall rating don't bother. He's a great SF with clutch and dunk boost but that's pretty much it. I think there are better SF out there if you already have an overall of more than or at 95. Im at 91 ovr for the NBA lineup so im still grinding each time for him. I need one GSW token and that's it. However, this royalty lebron is definitely an improvement over the 93 lebron we had last season. And since it cant be put in the AH i guess its a relief since we will always have at least a 95 ovr player in the SF. It might be luck. However i think you should keep the packs in your collectibles and open them when the event has passed. Opening it one by one after each play will only give you a lower percentage. i miss 1 token out of 20 so the chance will only be 5% in each pull. If you can gather like 10-15 packs after each event to keep and open for later. the probability will be a bit higher

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  • posted a message on I Need Gameplay Help

    My advice in showdown would be passing the ball around unless you have a player thats so good at something. Its important that your starting 5 is a solid one. Sometimes it doesnt mean that a higher ovr team is better. Im at 91 ovr yet I've beaten a 94 ovr yesterday. Having a physically strong C is important. I used towns back then but then I put him on the bench cause he's not capable of shooting midrange well and protect the paint against other bigs. I've found the 89 specialist turner to be a beast. With him i can get 2-3 blocks in showdown which might come in handy against great post up shooter. Then make sure you have a very good SG since when the game is on the line you need someone which can like shoot 4 from 4 from 3 pt line. I used beal which has 95 3 pt rating. Not the best but works most of the time. To be fair i dont think you need any change in your lineup as im concerned. Just dont rely to much on one and play collective D. 

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  • posted a message on The Safest Way Possible

    So im sure EA are smart and it's just impossible that the DS will be the last big events. High possibility is that theyll come up with a new event even better with even better players leaving me thinking. You can get multiple 93s from the promo which is as free as it gets. F2p its impossible for you to grind 98 without getting lucky. ive seen people pull 3 90s from the pack while ive gotten myself 2 julius randle and 2 kanter. Well done EA. 



    However seing the price of plats, its just not worth it. You can snipe kyrie for example for less than 7 mill. if you buy the 90s individually it will cost you more. And of course without spending any money youll lose your life and sleep playing this game all day long


    My idea is get the elites. probably you can pull like 20 cause its possible. Sell them each for 250k leaving you 5 million in coins or around 4.5 something. Use that for buying someone in the AH

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  • posted a message on Opinions on Dream Showndown Promo options. WEIGH IN!

    Same issue here, just still behind you guys. Im 2 elite away from pulling the 93 irving. im prioritizing him since i hope ill get the royalty lebron soon then the kawhi will not be very useful. Here's one thing ive realized. Its possible if you still have like 500k of rep. you can spend it everyday. But my rep is getting low. It's at 60k now and in order to get a lot you must play a lot of showdown. However,its useless since for every promotion rank you'll only gain below 20k rep which will be spent in no time cause to open 3 packs you need 17k reps. So yea im having a dilemma now. I might consider we have ourselves a pair of 93 since its more possible and basicallywont force us to lose sleep over this game

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  • posted a message on Dream Showdown or Platinum Simmons

    This is actually a quite interesting one since i haven't seen enough people paying attention to it. One TOTW 92 could cost 950 k which you could raise from getting 5 86 ovrs dream showdown player in the auction house. 


    Considering 1 86 costs 230k, 5 would raise you 1.150.000. 

    It means with 10 elite DS players, you can get 2 92 TOTW needed to get simmons


    ATM i already have kuzma. so if i decided to grind for simmons by the end of the DS i should be able to get 2-3 TOTW players 92 rated. Leaving me in a position 1-2 TOTW players away from getting the 98 ovrs simmons


    Im confused now which one to grind for. on the other hand i could release simmons and get 2 93ovrs DS players kyrie and kawhi. I dont think 98 might be possible cause up until now i havent gotten a single 90 rated player. Is it better to take the 2 93 ovrs or deny the DS master and grind for simmons


    Im currently at 91 ovr

    CP3, Beal, PG, Kuzma, Turner

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  • posted a message on 98 POTM Simmons

    Finally.. same idea here. I played a lot of showdown recently and even like the 88's simmons are tough to beat so i wanted to get the 98 one POTM. But here's the thing. There's a 93 and 98 kyrie in the dream showdown thing. Im now confused on which one to get. To have simmons you probably need around 4 mill considering you bought one 92 for 800k. Prices are always dropping after sometime. 5 mill maximum. I have the kuzma one so i have to find a way to get the remaining 4. 4×900.000 would be around 3.6 which we can acquire from selling around 16-18 dream showdown elites (if you get the 86s. 90 could be worth even more). Which is possible to have. I have 5 86s so far in let's say 3 days so to get another 10-12 in another 10 days should be ok. The stats sure look like a 98. However, is it worth it?

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  • posted a message on Is it possible to grind one 98 dream showdown player for free?

    UPDATE: There's a chance. You have to play like an addicted person however. Considering you're now at 83 irving, its easy to get 2 86 players. 5 might take you 3 days but it's possible. Considering you can get 80 tokens a day (4×17 from store + 12 elsewhere). You'll end up having 80×14 which is 1120 tokens. You can exchange that for 20+ 86 ovrs. 2 u use for the 88. 5 u use for the 93. remaining 13-14. exchange them for 2-3 90 rated players. You have to get the other 2/3 90s from the auction house or if u get lucky in packs. Indeed its possible. But high chance you will fail

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  • posted a message on Is it possible to grind one 98 dream showdown player for free?

    98 without cash is close to impossible. Ill say that its possible if it was a month or two. But 2 weeks? probably the 93 one and one 88 ovr player. i went after 93 kyrie and 88/93 kawhi coz i dont care abt classic lineup

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  • posted a message on Who would you grind for in the current promo ?

    For me I've spent my tokens on Irving and Kawhi. Now they're both at 83. Irving was just amazing even like at 88 you have 89 3 pt plus the boost that i have will become around 92 and also great dribbling and midrange. Overall he's a good PG and even can be put in the bench for some boosts. Kawhi's stats are very good. At 88 he has like mostly 82+ on his attributes. Good two way player and backup. Im getting the Royalty Lebron anyway so it doesn't really matter but personally don't grind for westbrook. He is in SG pos where you will depend much on him for shooting. Considering you have a not so good at shooting PG, you will have difficulties shooting long range. We all know he's shit at shooting long distance

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