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  • posted a message on Finals Master Curry 99

    Worth it?

    I now have 6.5 mill if i decided to sell my POTM Simmons, 94 Beal, 92 Kuzma, 89 Love, and 88 Ariza, as well as 330k in coins.


    That would leave me very good in PG, gold bench in SG, very good in SF, very poor in PF and very good in C

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  • posted a message on Bring On The Tapes!! C’mon Coach!

    Yep I agree it would be fun just like in 2k. Ive actually posted a thread about the things we would like to see in NBALM 19 probably you can check it out. But yeah i would love to have some replays so that we can identify where we did wrong and improve our gameplay by buying suitable players etc

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  • posted a message on What We Need To See in NBALM 19

    1. Boxscore and Stats: Just like 2k it will be nice to have some sort of data so we can actually know whos playing well and whos not. That way we can construct not just a very good team but also a team that is able to work as one

    2. Don't Reset Showdown to Pro: I agree if the reset was to the current level. For example if youre in all star 3 yet you havent got the time to finish, then youll be back to all star 1. Thats fair for me.

    3. Stats: Curry should have a higher 3pt even in his basic cards and it should be at least around 87. Same as other cards. That way we can get the maximum experience of playing the game faster around december or january, not until late april

    4. Some live events are shit: Replace live events with events that are actually fun to play and useful in our team building

    5. Draft Heroes: We might see the presence of deandre ayton luka doncic and etc just to kickstart the new season. 

    6. Make Nba Master actually possible even without playing the game 24/7. I mean only a few managed to get Harden so yea

    7. No Buy Now in AH: Get maximum profit

    8. No Paid Live Events: Such as this NBA Finals and DS before

    9. Make use of the bench: Bring energy level and increase the time to 3 minutes each quarter. Therefore we will use strategy to win and actually construct a team that has depth in it. Make in game substitutions possible

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  • posted a message on Easiest Way To Improve SHO?

    I use Ben 98 as PG. That card does everything right except shooting from deep. It makes me wonder what a beast he would be if he can like reach 90+ 3pt. So do you guys have any recommendation on it. like buy what players considering we no longer have motivators like in S1. 

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  • posted a message on What Cards Would You Say Have Excellent Manual Gameplay and AI?

    i have 98 POTM Simmons and so far hes the best player with AI that i have. Its weird tho. I got some wide open shot with him and perfect timing yet miss. But with like the shot clock expiriring below 2s he can pull one from near the half court and it went in. Happened to me like more than 3x now in showdown.

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  • posted a message on What to Do with 6 Million coins?

    if ur lineup is already stacked in other words fully loaded, go for 99 curry. Hes cheap for around 8 mill. If i were u try to find an extra 2 mill then buy the 99 curry for 8 mill. or simply roll the money so that it gives you profits. Ive seen the 99 curry in store gameplay and how can he shot 3 from halfcourt. Its just sick. I wish i have that card. 

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  • posted a message on Advice Please

    I got 98 POTM Simmons yesterday and actually he was quite decent and the main reason why i dumped my 93 DS Kyrie Irving. However something we can agree on is that he doesn't shoot the ball well enough from 3. I constantly miss even when wide open in showdown even tho the release is perfect. In the league however he can score like 8/10 from 3s which left me wondering what to do next with this team

    I currently have him at PG, Beal 94 thats still auctionable, 92 Paul George trained, 93 Kuzma auctionable and 93 Embiid DS. In bench i have Irving 93 DS, Jaylen Brown 93 trained, 90 Fan favorite Gordon hayward, 89 Kevin love auctionable and 90 Myles Turner Trained. 


    oh yeah and one more thing ive been thinking about the 95 finals players but their stats arent very good. Even 95 durant only have around 80 in most of the stats except his 3pt which is 93 and midrange 93. I dont think its worth it to spend 2+ mill coins on him bcoz u can get SF jimmy butler a better player two way for around 600k. what do you guys think?

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  • posted a message on Ben Simmons POTM 98 Worth It?

    An honest review, there are some ups and downs. i got him this morning for 3.3 million in the AH. I would say dont get fooled by the 3 pt rating as he shoots like a 88 3pt rating at least. one thing i realized is that he actually shoots better from way out in the zone between the logo and the 3pt line right in the middle of it. Most of the time it went in like 8/10 even for only 38% chance. Now i get it why people spend money on plats as they are beasts even tho smtimes their stats dont show that. Otherwise he's a bargain for around 3 million considering his defense and two way stats. Hes not as quick and accurate from 3 as even the 93 Ds irving which i have in the bench but wow his dunks post shots layups rebounds and steals make me use him as the starting PG. I would say it depends on your current squad. I have a Beal that can shoot 95 from 3pt and embiid 92 3pt so i should be okay shooting from distance. Simmons i use more for layups dunks and defense basically creating room for beal to get open looks. Yes its a good card but if you already have a very decent PG you dont actually need to spend that much on him. Its a card that needs some getting used to as i usually knock down 3s with my PG but if you practice for some games you should be fine. Im actually thinking to pass over the 99 curry if i can get one just because i think simmons offers more stability even tho currys shooting is a no brainer

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  • posted a message on Who is better?

    95 OVR playoff hero Blake or 96 showdown lebron

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  • posted a message on TOTW AH tricks

    so apparently the 82 rated totw should cost you around 60 to 70k while the 83 to 85 sometimes range between 300-500k. However, i think sometimes people were not aware and sell the 83 rated cards for a very cheap price. I bought Isaac 83 for 113 k and sold him for 370k. Thats a solid 230k sweep right there. Do it like 3 times a day and you'll raise around 700k if you were lucky. Oh yeah and Embiid is just playing around in showdown. Hes a beast probably the best out of all the ds players. I got the 93 tho as its impossible to get the 98 as of today

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  • posted a message on 96 Showdown Lebron

    Due to his stats, i think it's a pretty good card for around 1.8 mill. However i need to raise some money to get him. I might have to sell Beal for 650k, Butler for 650k and probably Totw Kuzma for 850k. In SG i have a 92 Brown as a reserve but in SF for butler im totally lost as i currently only have the 90 paul george. PF is gonna be that 96 LBJ. Center and PG is Embiid and Kyrie DS 93 rated. Worth the move?

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  • posted a message on 96 James Harden Gameplay Master

    Im currently on 42/49 tokens needed. im pretty sure by next week ill be able to get the other 2 which means i need 5 more tokens to complete it. Live events of nba lineup, classic, 88 ovr classic, showdown 1000 wins and i forgot a few thousand points in league. The game should be around for another 4-5 months. with the reality given, is there anyway to grind the token as effective as possible. And if it was hard for me to get the last  2 per say, did they open the remaining token to be bought by nba cash like they normally do with other sets?

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  • posted a message on This game!

    Yep I feel that way too. Im a 91 ovr and yet i was put to play against a 96 ovr which has 4 plat cards and 1 royalty lebron. i mean i did my part winning 15-7 which i considered pretty good. Yet the other guy won by 17-8. By 1 point margin against a 96 ovr team i lost 1,8k fans. Beautiful. And yep what sucks is that showdown always get reset after 2 weeks

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  • posted a message on Reality of DS Players

    I finally get the 93 Irving and decided to get one cause i'm interested in seeing the gameplay. Truth is, it's not even worth the time and energy. My irving with boosts should be able to hit like almost every 3 pt cause he has 96 3 pt and 96 midrange. However in showdown he's missed like more than half when playing against better ovr teams. I would even take my 92 paul back. In season he's legit like can make 90 percent from three but even my beal scored 13/13 yesterday in season. Its a crap card to be honest. However excited to see embiid cause sometimes players released later in the event is better

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  • posted a message on DS Embiid

    I should be able to claim my 93 irving today and im a little bit confused on which player to complete next. I like kawhi but since my PG added midrange stats its actually a dilemma and im hoping to cope the 95 royalty lebron as well. So probably embiid since i don't care about classic lineup and from what i see embiids cards are always good. Do you guys have any idea on when the cards will be released and what are his stats? Also how can you check like secondary stats for players. As far as i know it's only as far as clicking the 'view more' icon on the card. Idk if there's any other way

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