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  • posted a message on Can not access the game!

    Guys, anyone!? How to get, where to check for UID???

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  • posted a message on Can not access the game!

    Hello, guys! 


    Probably someone will be able to give a helping hand. I'm reading the forums for several month already but finally got a need to register to be able to post myself. (Unfortunately)... 


    I'm playin' NBA Live for some 1/2year and on a daily basis for the last 2-3month (all summer courts actually).  Yesterday I was not able to get to the game for no network / connecting to the servers and some other "usual" reasons, while at the end it showed me the msg: 



    Banned Account... 

    If You think this is mistake, contact "bla, bla" and include the banned acoount number.


    Well, not to talk that I have no clue how and I'm more than sure that I've not done anything wrong, HOW can I know my account number? As I'm playing only form one device, I've always did it from the device and not linked to any outside source e.g. FB or what else it offers... 


    Of course I wrote to EA like they said, but I don't even know, how they can locate my account at all to bring it back???


    Thank You for any feedback in advance,


    P.S. There are still notifications coming on the device (challenges, league etc...).


    Kind regards





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