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  • posted a message on ! red circle

    Coment and see does it stil stay

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  • posted a message on ! red circle

    When you didnt play your quarters, when someone comented  in your league or in chat , when you can play quarter against your leaguemate.

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  • posted a message on Everything I know regarding the new shooting rating system

    It seems that good timing iis much more important than percent bc when i have low percent ( 37-50 %) but it say good timing it always goes in but when i have high percent (69-75) but bad timing i always miss. Also it seems that taller players shoot better when shots are contested. I also like design bc game now looks fresh.


    Bad things are smaller controls and stick bc its easier to miss or to slip from my hands if i hold it too long so its harder to drive, drible, higher posiblitty to make drible when you want to go to different direction and  harder to defend. Also it seems that fadaways are counted like open shots so its easier to score like that and it should be oposite. It also seems that players are faster and that there are more blocks and rebounds in the game on my side and on cpu ai side.

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  • posted a message on New update available

    This 20 % thing, does that means that if i have shot that has 20 % when you combine this factors and then i make 20% release do i have 40%  or i get one fifth of my calculated precent ( in this case that would be 20% + 4% ) ?

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  • posted a message on EA,PLEASE let us do more things with our Legacy Lineups.

    I approve this message

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  • posted a message on 10 Things I want in s3

    1) Allow us to put player in different position and only put restrictions so pg can be sg, sg cn be pg and sf, sf can be sg and pf and c can be pf.


    2) In madden you have three timeouts option when you pause during active match so we can have that too, 3 timeouts per quarter  bc timeouts are important part of the basketball and it would help us when we have little time for final shot if we could be closer to opponents basket when we inbound ball.


    3) Give us oportunity to have much more impact on how our ai play on h2h and lvl by giving us option to make  strategy how our ai is going to play.  We put basic strategy and decide how our team is going to play at the beginning of the quarters and then we put how our team play if we are losing by some number of points during quarter ( we decide which number is that  )  after certain amount of time and how our team play  when we have lead by some number of points ( we decide number ) after certain amount of time. 


    For example we put game  strategy where we start quarter where our ai  play normal paced attacks, pnr with normal pressure and then we put that if we are losing by five after first minute  our ai play fast attacks (7 seconds or less) , do three point play and full court pressure but if we are up by five after first minute our ai play long possesions, princeton formation and play half court pressure. This option should be part of the My Team sector and we come there if we want to change how our ai play.


    4) They should change how CPU ai play defense against us when we play on manual and put that if my player is hot and  on streak then their best defender on their team guard him. So if i score 3 three point shots in a row with my pg for example,  instead of oposing  pg he should be guarded with their  best perimeter defender and if team have Lebron then he is guarding my pg . Or if i score a lot with my backcourt player then cpu decide to put their best post defender on him. They should also put  double teams on hot players in our team. This would make it harder for us but it would also make it more realistic which means more fun to play . CPU would decide who is best defender by calculating  defensive stats, on ball defense, steals etc. for perimeter defender and block, box out etc. for post defender.

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  • posted a message on H2H showdown not happening ???

    First rewards are gonna be Wall and Hakeem

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  • posted a message on Don’t u think that all the Ben Simmons cards can shoot threes but he hasn’t made a three in his career?

    His cards has good 3 point stats but arent consisant at 3's and it is proof that in this game stats dont mater a lot and that you need to know how some player play in rl so you can utilize him in right way . I have Simmons but he is 5th option at my team , i use him as a pass first  pg and he score only from fastbreaks, when grab offensive rebounds and  from open 3's or at the end of the quarter when there isnt time to shoot with someone else.

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  • posted a message on Players you want upgraded

    Almost all well known classic players, Valanciunas , Monta Ellis, Marjanovic, Montrezl Harell, Satoransky, Randle, Yogi Ferell, Midleton,  Sabonis, Cedi Osman, Fox .

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  • posted a message on One Good Thing About The March Madness Promo

    And what you can do with coins ? For AH you need to have milions for new player and there isnt any good coin pack .

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  • posted a message on Mods

    It shouldnt been implemented in the first place bc bad players were complaining about losing games and asked EA to do something but nothing changed when it was implemented  bc they stil were crying about losing games.

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  • posted a message on Complete Daily objectives pack 7/7

    Tp from 2500 to 7500 training points, cards mostly golds with posibility of getting elite

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  • posted a message on I found out where EA's spending the development money...
    Quote from ccdd3355 >>
    Quote from TorchBeak >>


    It's not this game.


    Ran across the following screenshot from Fifa Mobile:


    Absolutely beautiful card art.

    Those Valentine's Day cards look great.

    The best part of this is knowing that the card art doesn't come natural to the base level cards. It's actually earned through leveling up the players. As you level them up, their background changes, and so does their card art. 




     dont think everyone gets these cards....matthaus,van basten ronaldinho an puyol are prime icons and to het em you need to spend at leadt 500$ for ONE of them, those heartbreakers are even maze kyrie.....and those TOTY  players are rare as well....i was fortunate to have one.....timur has all 11(which will cost you about 5000$ to get em all) so....dont think that fifa mobile is better than is actually much more p2w lowkey they actually made two SEPERATE parts for a for the p2w people and thw other for f29....(im a 98 ovr in fifa btw)
     Yes but you get Ronaldo, Delle Ali, Griezman for free plus you can get  free elites from scouting and TOTW plus campaigns where you can get tons of free bronze, silver, gold and in final chapter elite players . And you have free pack every four hours, its easier to make big amount of coins and its easier to get cash. 
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  • posted a message on Would you rather get Master James Harden or NBA royalty LeBron James?

    Lebron bc my bench player on SF hasthe worst OVR so my franchise OVR would go up with just that one player

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  • posted a message on What is the Smart thing to do to in Totw Golds?

    Bazemore is over 450 k and Lonzo over 600k so your calculation isnt correct

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