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  • posted a message on Recruiting - LEAGUE: A Fist-Ful Of Buckets [Rank: 98]


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    Just to chime in this thread, Buckeye didnt get unbanned, he's using another way to get through the IP ban.


    I have strong belief people are getting banned. I have been searching the players that I reported and they have been kicked out from the league and inactice. 

     Yup absolutely. I have noticed the same thing now bro and it's awesome to see. Finally they are starting to clean this game up a little bit. I've seen a few people get banned and saw an entire league also, the league was a cheat league and it vanished but then when I went to search many of their players names none of them showed up in search anymore lol. 
     Keep lying to yourself 
    They can always change the league name, players can always leave the league then comeback no one is gettin banned cause  you guys cheated and your still playing the game 
     If you have proof of cheating, then please post it.  Otherwise, enough with the accusations. 
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  • posted a message on [Tool] Database & Many Other Features Coming Soon
    Quote from TorchBeak >>

    Great work! 

    It's always nice to see others putting some effort into this void that we have. 


    However, one of the reasons I steered away from an online database website, and went the route of a Google spreadsheet for my WorkBook, is because it's forbidden to promote external websites on this site. 


    It's why I shut down my own site last year due to Mod restrictions.


    If a website featuring a database of some sorts is allowed, then someone needs to inform us of this. 


    I reviewed the link this morning.  There is nothing there other than the database.  There is no site, etc.  It's literally the same as linking to a google sheet.  If something beyond the database pops up at that link, then we will have to remove it.  If you'd like to link yours to another site with nothing but the database, that's fine too.  If you take a look at it, there's nothing else there.  
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  • posted a message on Best NBA Gold 3point shooter
    Quote from crackgold2 >>


     Please make your own thread for this.  No need to hijack anyone's else's thread.
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  • posted a message on Future of the game? Here's a potential hint

    You realize that Curse doesn't do their own ad buys, right?  That a conglomerate buys?  And that it has ZERO to do with any hidden message.  Those ad buys are done nationwide by an ad firm.  Come on man....


    Image result for tinfoil hat

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  • posted a message on Matchfixing Accusation / Closed.

    Folks enough with the derailing or the thread is getting locked.  Stick to the OP's topic please.

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  • posted a message on Possible relaxed stamina day on Easter/April Fool's

    Enough with the derailing from everyone please.  Stay on point.

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  • posted a message on Ban Discussion Continues Here...

    We recognize that there is a lot of frustration and concern over the recent bans that hit the community.  There are a lot of threads on the topic, and we'd like to consolidate the discussion with all members into one thread to keep the conversation going.  Please feel free to discuss the bans in this thread.  While we understand the frustration, we'd ask that you please keep your comments respectful and debate the issue, and not each other.  Posts that violate the COC will be addressed by the Mod team.  Please keep it respectful.  

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  • posted a message on Winning streak continues. Invincible Ballers recruiting!!! regular ginders
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     Please don't advertise your league in someone else's thread.  It's considered spam.  Feel free to make your own recruiting thread.
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  • posted a message on Almost 100% sure EA is not concerned about ah1 problem
    Quote from alaaad95 >>

    i'm on server 1 and the auction is empty , 

     Please NEVER post your UID online 
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  • posted a message on Why isn't the database updated???

    Curse is still working on it.  I'm honestly hoping it's done soon.  We're as anxious to get it to you as you are to get access to it. 

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  • posted a message on NBALive Negativity and the Future of the Game
    Quote from xray1986 >>

    Good thread. Are we posting ideas for new content (features etc) here?  Or just improvements and fixes?

     Feel free to post both please.
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  • posted a message on NBALive is Looking for New Mods

    Hi All,


    We're on the lookout for potential future mods. If you're interested in becoming a Mod and feel you have what it takes to help contribute to keeping this community as great as it is, please send me a PM, answering the following questions:


    1. Approximately how much time do you spend on NBALive during a given week?
    2. Why do you want to be a part of the team?
    3. How do you feel you could improve or creatively contribute to NBALIve?
    4. What areas of the site/forums do you find yourself in the majority of the time?
    5. Any other information about yourself that you feel is relevant

    Selection criteria will be be based partly on your application, posting history, and reputation in the community.  Please put some thought and time into your application.


    *Please do not inquire about your application.  While we appreciate the interest, it's simply not possible to reply to inquiries.  The selection process takes time, and if we're interested in talking further with you, we will reach out to you.*


    We look forward to hearing from you all.  Thanks for your interest!

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  • posted a message on NBALive Negativity and the Future of the Game

    In this thread please

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  • posted a message on NBALive Negativity and the Future of the Game

    Hey everyone,


    This is probably the most frustrated the community has ever been with the game and it's leading to an abundance of negativity here. We get it. The game leaves a lot to be desired. Let's do what we can about it.


    We'd like to work with you guys to put together a document of our biggest frustrations with the game as a community and what we would like to see changed going forward.


    We certainly have our own ideas, but we'd like to hear yours. We can guarantee that our feedback will get in the hands of the right people at EA, but as always, it's entirely up to them as to how it will impact future design decisions. We feel an organized document with problems and proposed solutions will go farther than a bunch of fragmented criticisms.


    If you would like to participate, please share your biggest frustrations with NBALive Mobile. We also ask that you include what you would do differently. We think that's important if we're going to be constructive here. If there's enough interest in our community to work together, we'll try to help refine any ideas and put them in a collective document to send to EA. We think this is our best course of action to effect change while remaining positive.


    We look forward to working with you!



    The Mods and Staff

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  • posted a message on Redemption leagues recruit! (3 leagues available working in 1 system)
    Quote from golebron_nbalive >>


     Please don't advertise in someone else's thread.  Feel free to make your own. 
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