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  • posted a message on Best 4th and 5th players in NBA right now in every position?

    I need your opinion guys. I will tell you my 3 best players in NBA in every position, and you name the 4th and 5th player. I am asking this because I dont watch NBA that much. I need this information to make legacy lineup for my alt account.


    Point Guard :

    1. Russell Westbrook 

    2. Steph Curry

    3. John Wall

    4. ? 

    5. ?


    Shooting Guard :

    1. James Harden

    2. Klay Thompson

    3. Bradley Beal

    4. ?

    5. ?


    Small Forward :

    1. Lebron James

    2. Kawhi Leonard

    3. Kevin Durant

    4. ?

    5. ?


    Power Forward :

    1. Anthony Davis

    2. Draymond Green

    3. Kevin Love

    4. ?

    5. ?


    Center :

    1. Rudy Gobert

    2. Karl-Anthony Towns

    3. DeMarcus Cousins

    4. ?

    5. ?


    Thanks in advance, guys! Respect others opinion! 

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  • posted a message on What are the craziest, greatest, rarest/unique things that have happened to you in-game in general?

    - LvL Drummond scored 3pt twice against me on h2h.


    - Hassan Whiteside clutch from his own paint.


    - Jeremy Lin clutch shot miss and count as off balance. Funny thing is the ball keep bouncing in the rim with slow motion animation. It takes 3 second for the ball to fall out of the rim.


    - I pulled Jeff Hornacek ovr 94 from pro pack. Then accidentally put him for 40M buy now. And next day, it was sold out. I literally crying over a joy. 


    - My biggest pull is DeMarcus Cousins deadline from pro pack. Sold it for 12M instantly. 


    - My biggest scoring game is 28-4 on h2h, and 25-0 on lvl. 


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  • posted a message on Fendy's 96 ovr Legacy Franchise
    Quote from TorchBeak >>

    Looks great!

     Thanks! Cant wait to see yours.
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  • posted a message on Fendy's 96 ovr Legacy Franchise
    Quote from goldandlight >>

    Nice franchise. 

    Imma going to build TW as full legend lineup. 


    How is Mitchell compared to Legend Brown? Did you try?

     Mitchell and Brown are quite similar, but in my opinion, Brown are much better on defense, and Mitchell are better on speed and layup/dunk.
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  • posted a message on Fendy's 96 ovr Legacy Franchise
    Quote from Spurs4TheWin >>

    Nice lineups! I can confirm that TW Kemp is really fun to dunk/ alley oop with lol. 


    PS. I think the first card with ability was Sup LBJ

     Indeed! He is really fun offensively. Can't finish my two way achievement without him lol
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  • posted a message on Fendy's 96 ovr Legacy Franchise

    This lineups based on mostly the players that will remind me of the times when I started play this game until now.  This lineups are not finals yet, since there is a couple players that I want to bring into next season but havent able to buy them yet. 


    Two Way:


    - Countdown Harden 

    Everyone's favorites two way PG. Also the first card with ability (?) 


    - Lvl Master Dywane Wade

    I told myself when EA started the lvl update, I must have this card, dont care how much time I need to grind. Unfortunately I havent found myself a good league, so the progress to complete the 98 ovr version is a bit late. Now I need one more elite lvl collectible to get him. 


    - Legend Detlef Schremph

    I know nothing about Mr. Detlef until EA release his card. His stats are amazing for 6'11 small forward. MVP Finals Durant made me forget about Detlef for awhile, but I'm glad having him back in my squad now. 


    - Legend Shawn Kemp

    1st Legend edition. The best PF in terms of defense and dunk before 96 ovr cards era. This card remind me so much about the old times when I started playing NBA LM. 


    - All Star Master Karl-Anthony Towns 

    Arguably the best card from All star program. Even 99 Gobert not good enough to take his place on my two way lineup. 


    Possible upgrade: 

    -Lvl Boss Master Dywane Wade ovr 98

    -Ultimate Legend Yao Ming ovr 99


    Small Ball:


    -CNY Master Jeremy Lin

    The GOAT of NBA Live Mobile. 


    - Winter Tracy McGrady

    Just couldn't resist to not bring any T-Mac cards to next season. 


    - Summer Court Julius Erving 

    Do not need further explanation. 


    - March Madness Master Christian Laettner 

    The first MM master I have, and I never replace him. 


    - ToTW DeMarcus Cousins

    The best offensive center small ball. Dr. J boost makes him more great. 




    -TDK Russell Westbrook 

    The best Westbrook card. And the first card with multiple boost. 


    -Summer League Donovan Mitchell 

    I tempted to take one of the NBA 2018 rookie cards to next season. At first I was just gonna test this card, but he is so superb on manual. 


    -Signature Kevin Durant

    Probably the first 99M card on NBA Live Mobile. The reason I bought him just to remind myself when I saw this card was sold with 99M tag price. Lmao. 


    - Balloween Anthony Davis 

    I expect the majority of NBA Live Mobile players will take him into next season. Such a great card, even though he only has 90 ovr. 


    - Legend Ralph Sampson

    Monster. When the first time I bought him, I though he was typical center like Gobert or Whiteside. Strong, and slow. But I was wrong. He is simply amazing. Strong, fast, and he even can shoot well from ranges. Best defensive center I ever had. 




    -March Madness Steph Curry 

    I have tried all Curry cards, but this Curry version, is the best. His AI play may not that good, but his manual play are so amazing. My main bigman scorer until now. 


    -ToTW Klay Thompson 

    I just cant understand, I have tried all Klay elite cards but no one impress me better than this totw version. Unfortunately I will replace him with UL Pete later. 


    - Signature Kawhi Leonard

    I am a Kawhi fan. Enough explanation. 


    - Playoffs Kevin Love 

    BigMan PF was the position that confuse me the most. I literally tried all elites bigman PF but no one was good enough. And then EA release this card on Playoffs program. Havent changed him since. 


    - Legend Hakeem Olajuwon

    The definition of bigman. - by random comment on NBA discussion forum. 




    -Throwback Lebron James '07

    Its impossible to not take any Lebron cards to your legacy lineups. And this Lebron version are the most fun than any other Lebron cards. 


    - Legend Drazen Petrovic

    Remember when everyone's gave him the title as the best shooting guard in the game?


    - Offseason Movers Paul George 

    No big reason. I just want to take one of the OFM cards to my legacy lineup. 


    - All Star Jimmy Butler

    I only have one lose in Lvl quarters. I still remember it until now. I was lose 8-16. The main perpetrator? All Star Jimmy Butler. He was scoring 13 pt (3 3pointer and 2 dunk). Oh good old times. 


    - Awards Joel Embiid

    This card are the most perfect center than any of shooting center. His stats dont lie. 




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  • posted a message on How many tickets you guys got so far?

    191. 13/20 on daily, 8/10 on set. Probably gonna spend the whole coin to complete some rising star and impact sets. I'm sure I can get 200/200 tickets before reset coming. 

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  • posted a message on LVL Boss Drummond or Aldridge?

    Aldridge no doubt. 

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  • posted a message on Shooting PF: Since no upcoming new Power Forward card who's to choose? and Why?

    In terms of defense, no other PF does it better than Tim Duncan Signature. Though he is pretty rare, but you can get him for under 3M i think. 

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  • posted a message on Point Guard for Wade-James combo.

    Who do you think best PG to play alongside Wade and Lebron James? 

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  • posted a message on Buying Lebron James Movember / Finals [AH3]

    Name your price. 

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  • posted a message on "The Whites" my legacy lineups

    Admin please delete this thread. 

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  • posted a message on If you can only bring 1 player of each lineup into next season, who would it be?



    Two Way : Master Lvl Dywane Wade ovr 98

    Small Ball : Master CNY Jeremy Lin ovr 94

    Defensive : TDK Russ Westbrook ovr 95

    Bigman : MVP Finals Kyrie Irving ovr 99

    Shooting : Legend Drazen Petrovic ovr 92

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  • posted a message on Players you will be keeping in your Legacy Lineup that you've played the longest with

    Only 5 player so far that I will take to next season. Master Lvl Two Way Dywane Wade ovr 98, Jeremy Lin CNY Master, TDK Westbrook, MVP Finals Kyrie Irving ovr 99, and Drazen Petrovic. 

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  • posted a message on Buzzee Beater Bosh

    I had 30 UL token and never use it until yesterday. So Bosh was the first UL card that I had. Offensively? He's good, but I rely much to my 99 Irving and Tmac so I rarely use PF to attack. His BB is useful, but its kind of hard to get off because his position in last second always towards the enemy paint. 


    Defensively? Blake Griffin allstar was much better. So in conclusion, Bosh is the first UL i get and the first UL i sold. 

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