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  • posted a message on Question about the Main Menu Soundtrack/Music

    No, it's not about bringing broadway back but would be nice to bring that song back. But from what I see/hear there's 3 soundtracks for the main menu. One of is "World Premier" while the other is "All Good Pt 2." These two songs are even in the credits. Then there's the third song, which sounds electronic and has some percussion in it. It also has some vocal sounds saying "Ayyye" or "Heeeyy." Thing is, it doesn't have any credits plus nobody on YouTube don't bother uploading this soundtrack. Which is kinda sad because I think this third soundtrack sounds more "hyped" and make you feel full of energy almost like broadway. I assume it's made exclusively by EA Sports therefore it has no name and credits. But still does anybody know the name of this soundtrack or heard some recording of it? 

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