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  • posted a message on Will there be a Cleveland/Warriors bias next season?

    It's like in madden last season when literally every packers players got a TOTW card. It will happen eventually to some teams, probably those with superstars because they will have performances that are new-card worthy

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  • posted a message on My Best Ultimate Legend Pull

    I did not even know that card existed..

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  • posted a message on Kyrie is a Celtic! IT4 is a Cav!

    Holdup it might be vetoed...

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  • posted a message on 10m coin giveaway

    AH2, just PM here

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  • posted a message on 300k AH2 Giveaway.


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  • posted a message on Build Your Ultimate Squad (episode 1 : all Time LA Lakers)


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  • posted a message on "Not in my house " New nba live promo

    Please just make all the cards for EA next season.

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  • posted a message on Selling these players on AH2 !!! Cheapest up !

    Buy mine I'm undercutting by 1 coin.

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  • posted a message on Too early to want NBA Bosses?
    Quote from jskylinegtr >>

    BUMP! We officially have the program! It is called Ultimate Legends.

     Called it lmao
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  • posted a message on Can you pull UL's in any pack?

    Seems like a question that should've been answered already, but I haven't seen the answer yet and want to know.

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  • posted a message on How to Get 99 Ultimate Legend Dikembe Mutombo For Free ! - Conditions Apply

    Yeah you're making coins while also grinding H2H(which is really long and tedious process), so it's a win. But hey, long and tedious is what grinding is!

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  • posted a message on Update today comes with a few nasty surprises
    Quote from byrozz >>

    everyone would always say how bad the elite exchange is, now all of a sudden its a great set and you miss it?? lol. and getting 2 good cards out of 100x is not.very good odds...

     Well I don't remember all of my pulls, but I'd say when I profited it was always big because I opened them during a promo (like all stars or when wave 2 flashbacks or signatures dropped). When you pull one of the promo players its always big bucks. And btw the Kawhi sold for 12 mil and the Melo 8 mil.
    EDIT: Basically what I'm saying is I pulled said cards when they were extremely high in value, so now when the market is down and most 96's are under 2 mil of course its not as good of a profit, albeit still a good one.
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  • posted a message on Update today comes with a few nasty surprises
    Quote from mandcandh >>

    Criticizing is always good. These new features have some disadvantages, I agree. I'll say something about with your thoughts. 


    They removed elite exchange set, right. But when I read this forum and see thread about elite exhange, most of people are saying negative things about it. You were lucky. You pulled two very good players. This set was a little gamble and it was exciting But this isn't a loss to me. 


    Other thing is elite trophies. What are elite trophies used? Old legends sets, campus legends set, juggernaut Shaq, impact players. After legend trophies are gone, legends set became more difficult. In next days, we'll see more rare campus legends. 


    But these new features have really good things. First, an ordinary player can have a 99 legend with abilities without spending money. Dr. J is super expensive(around 15m) and a lot of people will stuck in some point. Now summer court event is more meaningful for everyone. An ordinary player who dreamt a 99 players with abilities can have with some effort. The most important thing is we'll get rid of shitty collectibles. 


    Also there is some players unauctionable. Like masters,lower specialist or bm players. You can use them with a profitable. 


    My words aren't about this topic. I saw a lot of comments about elite trophies. People act like this is world's ends. EA did a lot of bad works. Like PO Masters Klay and Love, Carter as a PF but I liked this one very much. 

     I understand that elite trophies are essentially useless at this point, but it still worries me that there is now no more trophies entering the market due to the removal of the sets.
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  • posted a message on Update today comes with a few nasty surprises

    Well, lo and behold, we've gotten NBA Live's version of Bosses (like the madden mobile ones). I talked about how you should save up your collectibles and stuff for potential bosses, and as a f2p player I now have 4 tokens. However, what i didn't expect is the fallout from EA dropping this content. With the addition of this content, EA has removed the player trade ins and elite player exchange.


    First problem being the player trade ins. (I'm talking about trading in bronze, silver and golds for trophies) Effectively with these sets gone, the only way you'll get trophies is by doing the trophy live event (and who honestly does that). This means that the market for trophies is about to explode as suddenly you have a high demand for gold and elite trophies, and there's tons flooding the market, but afterwards that all the trophies. I recommend that if you have any trophies to save them up and sell them when the prices skyrocket, (which believe me, they most certainly will). 


    Secondly removing the elite player exchange has really bothered me. I've pulled 96 TB Kawhi and 96 TB Melo from those packs, as well as many high overall promo players. I think it's a great concept, and the fact that I've pulled so many good players (from about 100 times completing it) really has me wondering why they would remove it. 


    Looking forward, we've seen some real cool offseason content drop this week, with signatures and now bosses. I'd expect a potential movers update with big names being moved this offseason, as well as some other new promos (new international players??) that could potentially drop and bring a market back to some of the older promotions. 


    Of course this is just my thoughts, overall they definitely need to add the sets back or else an impending market explosion for trophies will ensue. I'd love to hear your take on EA's decisions and the future of this game

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  • posted a message on Giving away a total of 850k


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